Improving Safety And Productivity With Efficient Technology

Technology | Flowmetrics

It is often considered that safety and productivity are contradictory factors within a business model. Although both aspects of a company’s operation need to be treated with equal importance, it often seems that a balance needs to be struck to find optimum levels of both. With recent advancements in technology, this has been turned upside down, as new techniques have been providing companies with answers that offer both improved safety and productivity simultaneously, particularly in the gas and oil industries.  

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All You Need to Know about Batch Controllers

Batch Controllers | Flowmetrics

When working with flowmeters it is important that the amount of liquid or gas that flows through is controlled. Without a batch controller, there is a risk that too much or too little of the material that you are using will enter the flowmeter system.

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Getting the Most out of Your Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioner | FlowmetricsFlowmeters are an integral part of many industries today as it measures the flow of various liquids, gases, and masses. In order for your flowmeter to function to the best of its ability, it is important to understand each component of the flowmeters and the additional pieces of equipment that will improve its function. One of the fundamental components of a flowmeter process is the signal conditioner, with the two being bought hand in hand with one and other.


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The Important Role of A Field Indicator

Field Indicator | FlowmetricsFlowmeters are an essential tool in a number of industries throughout the country, with chemical, food, aerospace and pharmaceutical companies relying on them to function. In order to determine the chemical make-up and the flow-rate, it is essential that a flowmeter is used to provide accurate recordings. Magnetic particle testing is an integral part of the flowmeter, making a field indicator a very significant part of this piece of equipment. In order to understand the effectiveness of a flowmeter, once must fully understand the role of the field indicator and how this important component benefits your business.

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A Look Into the Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry | Flowmetrics

Many industries, the petrochemical industry in particular, are in the business of processing oil or gas for all or part of the manufacturing process. Once the oil has gone through the refining process, it is placed in intermediate tanks and made into marketable products, such as gasoline and other petrochemicals.

Oil has been used for lighting and fuel for thousands of years and, while there are modern energy solutions available, it is still an integral part of manufacturing. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, oil and gas are an essential part of the petrochemical industry as demand rises for more cost effective synthetic materials.

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How to Choose a Flowmeter for Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing | Flowmetrics

Installing the correct flowmeter is a vital part of chemical processing and choosing the wrong product could lead to losses within your business.

When it comes to chemical processing, there is little room for mistakes when adhering to regulations and providing accurate data. So, this means that purchasing a meter should not be something you take lightly.

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Benefits of Variable Area Flowmeters and How to Choose One

Variable Area Flowmeters | Flowmetrics

If you want to keep tabs on the rate at which your gases or liquids are flowing, consider using variable area flowmeters to do the job effectively. These meters measure flow in a cross-sectional area and makes changes in response to the flow. The variable area variety of meter is simple to operate and is chosen for its efficiency in measuring both liquid and gas applications. Those who need this type of meter will find that these devices are economical and can be installed in just a few steps on the vertical section of the tube. In addition, there are no tubing run requirements for variable area flowmeters. The end caps located on the flowmeters can be removed easily and cleaned as needed. This makes troubleshooting and inspection simpler and can enable you to check the proper functioning of the meter at regular intervals.

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Here’s How to Build a Strong Aircraft Maintenance Program

Aircraft Maintenance | Flowmetrics


The Aviation Industry has had to jump over many hurdles during recent years due to ongoing struggles with the economy and pressure to meet environmental responsibilities. Aircraft maintenance is the inspection, repair, overhaul and modification of an aircraft or its components. Ensuring that your company has a strong aircraft maintenance program is vital so that your business runs effectively. Cutting corners when it comes to ensuring aircraft is safe is a risky business, which is why businesses should make sure that they commission high-quality machinery that is maintained to a high level.  At the same time, aircraft manufactures understand the financial constraints that most businesses have, so will employ the most cost-effective processes to provide aircraft parts and maintenance services.

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