Improving Safety And Productivity With Efficient Technology

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It is often considered that safety and productivity are contradictory factors within a business model. Although both aspects of a company’s operation need to be treated with equal importance, it often seems that a balance needs to be struck to find optimum levels of both. With recent advancements in technology, this has been turned upside down, as new techniques have been providing companies with answers that offer both improved safety and productivity simultaneously, particularly in the gas and oil industries.  

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Aviation Technology Innovations Predictions

Aviation Technology Innovations Predictions | Flowmetrics

Technology is always improving and here are some of the most likely improvements coming to the aviation industry soon;

  • Drones as commonplace workhorses
  • Ultra-high bypass from turbofans for fuel savings
  • Natural laminar flow and flow control also for fuel efficiency
  • Space exploration and travel for a lucky few passengers
  • Augmented reality will replace modern HUDs


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