Maintenance Process for Battery Powered Flow Meters

Battery Powered Flowmeters | Flowmetrics

Flow meters come in all shapes and sizes, designed to perform critical duties relates to ensuring flowrates are proper, or the correct amount of product has been supplied. This makes them vital to numerous industries, including:

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How to Create Safety Protocols for Managing Equipment

Safety Protocols | Flowmetrics

Safety needs to be a priority in any business, especially those that operate in the industrial sector. Working around heavy machinery, mechanical equipment, and potentially harmful fluids means being aware of and preventing hazards are a part of daily operations. That means it is critical to have safety protocols for managing your equipment during use as well as periods of maintenance.

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The Importance of Regular System Updates

System Updates | Flowmetrics

Industry and technology often go hand in hand. Whether it is using advanced robotics, flow computers, or communications systems, performing regular system updates is likely part of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Even though these steps are important, many businesses put off these system updates due to the inconvenience they can cause. But failing to take part in these basic requirements can lead to significant issues or even catastrophic failures. So, before you put off that system update for just one more day, here is an overview of why taking the time to keep your systems up-to-date is always in your best interest.

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Performing DIY Flow Meter Maintenance on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Flowmeter Maintenance | Flowmetrics

When it comes to performing service on your flow meter, you often have two choices: sending the flow meter out to a specialty company or attempting the work yourself. Depending on the work involved and the skill level required, performing some flow meter maintenance as a DIY project can lead to significant cost savings. However, it isn’t necessarily a task that should be handled by someone without the necessary knowledge and experience to complete the task while maintaining flow meter accuracy.

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Here’s How to Build a Strong Aircraft Maintenance Program

Aircraft Maintenance | Flowmetrics


The Aviation Industry has had to jump over many hurdles during recent years due to ongoing struggles with the economy and pressure to meet environmental responsibilities. Aircraft maintenance is the inspection, repair, overhaul and modification of an aircraft or its components. Ensuring that your company has a strong aircraft maintenance program is vital so that your business runs effectively. Cutting corners when it comes to ensuring aircraft is safe is a risky business, which is why businesses should make sure that they commission high-quality machinery that is maintained to a high level.  At the same time, aircraft manufactures understand the financial constraints that most businesses have, so will employ the most cost-effective processes to provide aircraft parts and maintenance services.

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Understanding Radiation Measurement with Flow Meters

Radiation Measurement | Flowmetrics


Generally, radiation is constantly emitted for various reasons and in different ways. Even with its benefits, it can be quite dangerous. For this reason, it is critical that radiation levels be properly measured and maintained. There are a few different tools that may be used for radiation measurement, which can be helpful in many situations. Check out these facts on why radiation measurement is necessary and the different tools that can be used to help.

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5 Best Practices for Calibrating Your Flow Meter

Calibrating Your Flow Meter | Flowmetrics

Flow meters are constantly utilized to ensure the proper function of various industrial machines. Its function is to measure the rate at which fluids or gases flow through it. Too much or too little flow could result in malfunction of a machine, so it is important that the flow meter present a proper reading. For this reason, it is generally critical that flow meters be regularly calibrated to ensure that the readings they provide are accurate. There are some standard practices regarding calibrating your flow meter that should be applied, but here are five best practices that you should keep in mind to make sure that your flow meter works at its optimum capacity.

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Big Data Improves Pump Maintenance

Big Data Pump Maintainence


Managing an efficient operation for pump systems is beyond crucial. Routine maintenance is one area where companies fail to capitalize on the technologies that can help. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), can easily be used to help promote an efficient system. A well-designed CMMS helps maintenance professionals prevent failures and malfunctions, and its data-driven capabilities make operations safer and more cost-effective. For industries vested in pumps and systems, using big data improves pump maintenance in their companies and profit margins. Updating existing maintenance practices to a modern CMMS solution offers three key benefits.

The three ways big data improves pump maintenance are:

  1. Prediction & Prevention
  2. Cutting costs while still making profit
  3. Mobile accessibility

These benefits of moving towards a CMMS system seem to have had a great effect in keeping up with efficiency standards. The data gathered from the system helps to provide a more accurate description of the issues at hand, helping to pin point the problems and alleviate time trying to fix the problems.


For more information on these 3 ways big data improves pump maintenance visit Pump and Systems HERE



Industrial Internet of Things Improvements

Industrial Internet of Things Improvements | Flowmetrics

Sensors, actuators, and controls systems have been critical and individual to each industrial company. From the control of specific proprietary processes to monitoring the state of a piece of equipment, these systems have solved unique problems for each company. With the entrance of the industrial internet of things, or IIoT, these custom made systems will be developed to accommodate as many applications as possible into each piece. Some new insights to look forward to include;

  • Much more context to equipment states. What is the ambient temperature and humidity for each piece of equipment? What percent of maximum run speed is the equipment set at to adapt to these conditions?
  • A shift from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. With a schedule of repairs accurate to the number of cycles, equipment can be serviced to continue operations efficiently instead of bringing broken units back online.
  • Real-time mapping of raw materials, intermediates, and personnel. A more accurate count of what materials are on hand, how quickly the process is running, and monitoring employees for safety will vastly reduce the overhead and liability of processing facilities.

Energy efficiency and sustainability gains are possible with the integration of smart machines, smart monitoring, and smart environmental controls.


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