Understanding Radiation Measurement with Flow Meters

Radiation Measurement | Flowmetrics


Generally, radiation is constantly emitted for various reasons and in different ways. Even with its benefits, it can be quite dangerous. For this reason, it is critical that radiation levels be properly measured and maintained. There are a few different tools that may be used for radiation measurement, which can be helpful in many situations. Check out these facts on why radiation measurement is necessary and the different tools that can be used to help.


Need for Measurement


There are many materials and machinery that can give off radiation. Some of the most commonly thought of options are equipment used for certain medical treatments and some industrial machines, but there are also other conductors that may not be as easily recognized, such as the following:


  • Vacuum tubes
  • Certain paint
  • Watches and aircraft gauges
  • Patent medicines
  • Some antique furniture


Though exposure to some small amounts may not be extremely hazardous, repeated exposure can be quite toxic. For this reason, people who work with radioactive materials, or materials that contain radioactive components, can benefit from tools that measure radioactive activity.




A ratemeter is a commonly used method for measuring radiation. The apparatus is made of specially designed electronic circuits and a needle that deflects at a proportionate rate to the pulses that it detects. This tool is typically a preferred method because it is able to detect radiation levels quickly and is considered to be quite efficient. The ratemeter may be used on its own; however, in some complex cases, it is utilized along with other measurement tools to ensure a precise reading.


Combination Measures


In some cases, individuals desire tools that count pulses, and in such cases a scaler can be helpful. One of the main components of a scaler is the timer, which is used to time the pulses that come through the machine. The timer can be set for either a short or long period of time, depending upon the needs of those taking the measurements. Those desiring the greatest accuracy tend to take the measurement for a longer period of time and utilize the average of the readings as the measurement. By combining the scaler and ratemeter, you are given an additional measurement to confirm the readings. There are other combination measurement options; however the scaler and ratemeter combination is often the most popular choice.


Proper Installation


There are a few options to choose from for the ratemeter, scaler and both. It is best to take your time, research your options and determine the measurement tool that works best for your needs. Considering that the ratemeter is quite simple to use, it is a common choice, and many companies have developed their own version. When choosing the measuring tool that you want, select one from a reputable provider who will work with you to ensure its proper installation and operation.


Radiation is consistently found in various materials and machinery. Make sure to keep your work or home area safe with a proper radiation measurement tool. To learn more about available ratemeters and other measurement apparatuses, contact your local provider.

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