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How Technology From the 50s Could Answer Our Growing Energy Problem

Most of the talk today centers around clean energy, and whether ramping up solar and wind initiatives will produce enough energy to replace the dying coal industry...and save us from the consequences of fossil fuels.

While the idea of nuclear power conjures images of three-eyed fish, it’s hard to deny that the technology produces clean, sustainable energy in tremendous quantity. Fear of nuclear power is legitimate, but events are incredibly rare.

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4 New Technologies You Should Know About

Every year, new strides are being made and we are introduced to new products and technologies that have the ability to change the world we know. The advances can range from simple to complex, from ways to make it easier for customers to pay small business owners online to gadgets we can barely believe exist. Regardless of their scope, these four new technologies are extraordinary and can alter the way we live our lives.

Fluctuating Commodities: How They Impact Businesses and What You Can Do

The volatility of the commodities market can be extremely difficult to manage as a company.

The cost of goods can fluctuate immensely, which can be devastating to those predicting profits. This can also eat away at profit margins slowly and a smaller company can quickly become unprofitable.