The Important Role of A Field Indicator

Field Indicator | FlowmetricsFlowmeters are an essential tool in a number of industries throughout the country, with chemical, food, aerospace and pharmaceutical companies relying on them to function. In order to determine the chemical make-up and the flow-rate, it is essential that a flowmeter is used to provide accurate recordings. Magnetic particle testing is an integral part of the flowmeter, making a field indicator a very significant part of this piece of equipment. In order to understand the effectiveness of a flowmeter, once must fully understand the role of the field indicator and how this important component benefits your business.

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What Is the Role of the Field Indicator in Your Flow Meter?

Field Indicator | Flowmetrics

Flow meters have become a necessary tool throughout a range of industries and are integral to many companies in the industrial, chemical, energy, scientific laboratory and aerospace sectors. Understanding chemical make up and flow rates are essential to maintaining efficient and safe operations across industries. Magnetic particle testing can be an important component in particular flow meter designs, and a field indicator is a major factor in the functioning of any magnetically based system. Understanding the role and types of field indicators is critical to understanding the overall effectiveness of your magnetic flow meter.

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