Radar Level Gauge for Liquids

Radar Level Gauge for Liquids | Flowmetrics

The VEGAPULS 64 is a contactless level transmitter that uses radar to detect the level of a container up to 30 meters away with an accurancy of +/- mm. This level of accuracy is unparalleled and due in fact to a tighter beam angle. Other comparable radar liquid level transmitters have an average beam angle of 10°, but the VEGAPULS 64 has a beam angle of 3° allowing for better readings.


The new radar level sensor VEGAPULS 64 is not only ideal for wide use in the chemical and petroleum sectors, but also in the pharmaceutical and food industries, because of its hygienic materials and design. The relevant approvals for this sector, such as 3A and EHDEG, are available at launch. Thanks to its small antenna – the diameter of the smallest version is no larger than a 1-euro coin – it results in very compact process fittings, which means the sensor can offer an interesting alternative for confined spaces in small vessels.


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