Pumps Effect on Power and Efficiency

Pumps Effect on Power and Efficiency


When a pump begins to wear out, it can effect its power and efficiency. Every pump wears differently, therefor some pumps will be effected by the wear more than others.

The parts that are most common to beginning wearing first are the wear rings and bushings, according to Dr. Lev Nelik’s article on pumpsandsystems.com. Dr. Lev Nelik further explains that it is only in extreme cases that the impeller gets completely worn. When the impeller gets completely worn, it will cause the flow to stop which will lower the power to almost none. 

Keeping up with the proper maintenance for your pump will help you be aware when parts begin to get worn out. You want to make sure that the impeller stays in good condition in order for the pump to stay in proper working order.  

Click here to read the full article by Dr, Lev Nelik at pumpsandsystems.com, and to learn more about how pumps effect power and efficiency. 

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