Pump System Optimization

Pump System Optimization | Flowmetrics

As facilities seek lower energy usages, pump systems optimization ultimately comes up. The big drain to efficiency is that companies focus on the purchase price of a system rather than the life-cycle cost. On average the initial purchase of a system accounts for only 17% of the total costs, with 55% attributed to operation of the system. The inefficiencies of a system can lead to shortened life-span of pumps due to shaft wear and seal leaks. A pump should only run 15% outside of its best efficiency point at most to avoid these issues.

Proper assessment is required to discern the weaknesses in a pumping system before optimization can begin. Some items to look for in this assessment are;

  • Throttled flow-control valves
  • Recirculation flow regulation
  • On/off pump cycling
  • Pumping system without gauges to measure flow rate or pressure


Click here for the full article by Mark Sullivan.

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