New Process Control FLP

New Process Control FLP | Flowmetrics

Dr. Babu Padmanabhan, inventor of the Fractional Lobe Processor, looks forward to the benefits of his new product. The teams expect improvements in temporal control and spatial control throughout the engineering process. The FLP removes hot spots and dead zones while retaining process continuity, by focusing on regulating input and output flows.

Greater control over the processing speed and timing safeguards sensitive input resources from adverse conditions before production.


“The FLP has also opened new, hitherto unexplored vistas in the field of material transformation owing to wide range of unit operations that can be seamlessly designed in the FLP. It has an immense potential to design, create and manufacture different types of products with highly-controlled physicochemical attributes making it a true versatile continuous processor.” -Dr. Himadri Sen of STEERLife.


Click here for the full article from PRNewswire.

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