HMIs Deliver More Detail and Accuracy

HMIs Deliver More Detail and Accuracy | Flowmetrics

Human-machine interfaces are the terminals we use to interact with the digital world. In industrial applications these are the monitors on the plant floor that allow informed, safer choices. Developers and users continue to improve HMIs and apply them in newer environments. 

In dairy processing acilities, incoming milk is chilled rapidly to 4° C and distributed to various silos for different end products. Each product has different tolerance during processing, and HMIs display this to plant operators in real-time for analysis and decision making. New models of HMIs and monitoring sensors have standardized these silos with new features like alarms for high or low temperatures as well as flow meters and float switches for distribution data, batch reports, and overflow warnings. Some new features can control pumps, and agitators for each individual silo as well.


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