Flow Control and Pressure Measurement

Flow Control and Pressure Measurement | Flowmetrics

Control operators rely on pressure readings to monitor the state of processes within the facility. Usually those employees responsible for recording the measurements read from Bourdon tube gauges and are manually entered into the data management system. Other than continual monitoring pressure readings can hint at upcoming maintenance.

Bourdon tubes gauges are a long standing tradition in pressure measurement, they are simple to install, operate, and low cost. Because of the little thought given to these gauges, they often are maltreated or neglected. Process fluids can be corrosive and pressure spikes can cause leaks or ruptures, leading to shortened lifespans for Bouron tubes. Fluid filled gauges can overcome some of the wear and tear from constant surges in pressure, but hearty taps from operators checking the gauges can cause more damage.

Upgrades do exist for Bourdon tubes, mainly in the form of wireless transmitting models, but this feature can cost up to 4 times as much per gauge. Ultimately the decision to use wireless models or traditional gauges depends on the design requirements of the system. Data from wireless gauges must be routed through a gateway connected physically to the data management system, and can only handle a specific maximum of devices through each gateway device. 


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