Ensure Accurate Measurements With Secure and Dependable Totalizers

Ensure Accurate Measurements With Secure and Dependable Totalizers | Flowmetrics

Many industries that touch every aspect of daily life use advanced fluid flow systems. The materials in these flow systems must be measured and tracked, and the simplest way to do this is with totalizers. Basically, totalizers are efficient and advanced counters, and they can be used in several ways to provide accurate statistics and information. Most commonly in fluid flow systems, they can measure the amount of liquid moving through a particular system and keep track of and count operational cycles. Totalizers are an integral part of today’s complex fluid flow systems.


Industries That Need Totalizers


A number of modern industries that support the nation’s infrastructure need totalizers to keep track of flowing liquids. The agriculture industry uses totalizers to measure the least amount of water needed to support crops. Totalizers can be used in residential settings to track water usage by a particular house. Industrial applications need them to measure expensive fluid products to keep waste at a minimum and, in some cases, to ensure mixtures are combined in the proper proportions so that the final products are safe and efficacious.


Key industries that use totalizers include:


  • Energy
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • General


The Importance of Advanced Design


In today’s complex industries, advanced technology and careful planning in all aspects of operation are imperative, including in the way that liquid products are measured. The best totalizers provide high accuracy and efficiency, fast reset times, multiple modes, easy-to-read displays and security features such as lockout modes.


When the first totalizer was invented in 1913 by George Alfred Julius, this mechanical aid to calculation was a marvel of engineering that revolutionized industrial metrics. Through the decades, totalizers have evolved. From the first version of a mechanical counter, modern versions of this important regulating tool are intricate and complicated. Advanced features include:


  • Multiple display options
  • Separate scaling for multiple inputs
  • Security options such as passwords and lockouts
  • Fast readouts


The Bottom Line


Totalizers are needed in so many of today’s dynamic industries because they provide fast, accurate information, measurements and feedback on flow movement and composition. At a glance, to-the-minute analyses and conditions can be recorded and studied to ensure maximum efficiency. Some companies even use totalizers to prevent the release of potent greenhouse gases such as sulfur hexafluoride into the atmosphere.


In addition to measuring gaseous outputs to help keep the environment safe, these advanced counters ensure that life-saving medicines are mixed and measured correctly and quickly, that the precious resource of water is not wasted and that materials in so many products people use daily continue to flow so that production can continue.


There are many important applications for these advanced monitors and measurement tools. From more basic operations to powerful tracking, signal transmissions and alarms, totalizers have become integral parts of modern industrial operation and production. Their fast and accurate monitoring help ensure that daily processes are safe and that overall output is maximized, both today and in the years to come.


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