Choose a Quality Turbine Flowmeter for Your Needs

turbine flowmeter

Turbine flowmeters are a common component for machines used in the aviation, chemical and energy industries. Crucial for measuring the flow rate of fluids or gases, quality turbine flowmeters are necessary for determining accurate metrics, and by extension creating a quality product or carrying out an important service. Engineering innovation and design has made it possible for many well-built turbine flowmeters to enter the marketplace. While shopping around for a flowmeter, keep in mind these important features:

  • Reliable digital reading – Current day products allow for easy measurement reading by possessing a digital output sensor that keeps track of the rate and amount of gas or fluid traveling through the flowmeter.
  • Versatility – Ideally, your flow meter should measure both pulsating and fluctuating flow with a quick response time.
  • Low rotor inertia – Lower inertia ensures better efficiency and accuracy during operation.

Plan Your Project With a Professional

Whether you need one flowmeter or several dozen, consulting with someone who is an expert in the industry can be beneficial both in terms of financial savings and product knowledge. A knowledgeable company representative can assist in determining which flowmeter product is the most economically viable and expertly designed for your needs. Simply looking at brochures with specific product specifications might not truly tell you what you need to know.

Take care to speak with someone who is open to collaboration. A representative willing to listen to the details of your project can offer input pulled from previous clients and an in-depth understanding of the flowmeter industry. In fact, major flowmeter companies often offer engineering services if there is no flowmeter on the market perfect for your project. Offering state-of-the-art design techniques and meticulous testing, these companies are able to create a product that can take your project to the next level.

Rely on a Product Warranty

Whether pre-made turbine flowmeter or custom designed flowmeters come with a product guarantee ensuring that your part will be replaced free of charge if it breaks because of a design error. Usually valid for up to one year after your purchase, this warranty is an excellent way to ensure that your purchase is protected in case of a breakdown. Without a warranty, your company is at risk for profit loss for an event that could have been easily remedied with no loss of collateral.

Install Your Product Properly to Ensure Maximum Functionality

The best way to protect your machine from malfunctioning is ensuring that everything is installed correctly. While many have in-house employees able to complete this job, others chose to rely on professionals from the company delivering their product. In some cases an outside professional is able to install your product more precisely, especially if it is custom designed. Proper installation ensures that your flowmeter is taking accurate measurements and working correctly in conjunction with other parts of the machine.

Whether you need a turbine flowmeter for an airplane or a manufacturing plant, taking the time to choose a quality product from a company just as passionate about engineering as you is the key to a successful project. At Flowmetrics, we share your passion for engineering excellence. Explore our range of top-notch turbine flow meters to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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