VoicePrint Technology to Improve Network Security

VoicePrint Technology to Improve Network Security | Flowmetrics

Human voices are unique to the individual and current technology has been used to restrict access to authorized personnel using voices as authentication. Now by identifying the voices of devices on control networks a possible new defense would filter legitimate signals and attacks. 

“We have developed fingerprinting techniques that work together to protect various operations of the power grid to prevent or minimize spoofing of packets that could be injected to produce false data or false control commands into the system. This is the first technique that can passively fingerprint different devices that are part of critical infrastructure networks. We believe it can be used to significantly improve the security of the grid and other networks.” -Raheem Beyah Georgia Institute of Technology

The security techniques take advantage of the individual physical properties of each unique device. Security devices listening to the grid would differentiate devices that were authenticated to the grid, and identify illegitimate “noise” within the system. Furthermore, the system can use simple physics to flush out spoofing attempts. Depending on the physical configuration of breakers and valves, opening and closing procedures take a minimum amount of time. If a device gets a signal to open or close too soon after the last signal security staff would be notified of a possible attack.

 Because they also include devices with measurable physical properties, Beyah believes the approach could have broad application to securing industrial control systems used in manufacturing, oil and gas refining, wastewater treatment and other industries.


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Chemical Processes to Change the World

Chemical Processes to Change the World | Flowmetrics

15% of the global energy consumption is spent on chemical processing. These processes aim at purifying certain substances out of mixtures, and the most common method is through heating and distillation. The vast majority of these purifying processes are done on crude oil to separate the various useful hydrocarbons. Alternatives exist for accomplishing this goal while using only 10% of the energy of distillation practices. Little research has been done to fully flesh out these alternatives, though.

Nuclear power is crucial for future generations, and crude oil is running out. Current estimates on the lifespan of our uranium reserves have them expiring within a century. To better fuel our need for energy well into the future, we will need to establish a cost-effective process to separate uranium from seawater. The amount of uranium in the oceans is roughly 0 times the amount we have left in our geological reserves.


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Flow Meters to Get ‘Drive-by Data’

Flow Meters to Get 'Drive-by Data' | Flowmetrics

The NPNRD, North Platte Natural Resource District, has been awarded $750,000 for research and development on a new telemetry system for faster access to flow meter information.

The new system will allow for remote access to flow meter data with a historical view. A small camera will sit above the meter face and take pictures of the display, these pictures will be uploaded to a website, converted to a digital record, and be available to District staff and the landowner. 


“Producers and landowners will benefit from being provided real-time information to aid in their management decisions,”-General Manager John Berge from NPNRD



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We Will be at the Offshore Technology Conference!

We Will be at the Offshore Technology Conference! | Flowmetrics

Coming up this May 2 through May 5 is the Offshore Technology Conference. The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is for energy professionals to meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

This is a great opportunity for you to come out and meet with manufacturers for the industry’s largest equipment exhibition. You’ll get to see the newest innovations, get the most technical information on designs and applications, and meet knowledgeable and experience professionals. 


We will be located in space #2406 with Hydraulics International Inc. Join us in expanding science and technology!


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