Reality is Biggest Innovation Challenge

Reality is Biggest Innovation Challenge | Flowmetrics

In 2013 right before the final switch was thrown on a huge energy demonstration there were a lot of observers with crossed fingers. Despite all the effort and research by engineers in creating the demo, the true test of the system would be the first startup.

“Just because something should work, technically, is no promise it’ll work. We had the necessary systems and engineering skills and experience, but making it real was the challenge.” -John Stampfel, VP & GM of Electrical Engineering Services & Systems


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Effects of Air Pockets in Pump Piping System

piping system It is essential to have air- release valves when designing a system piping. As air pockets accumulate in a system, the air -release valves will vent the pockets. According to an article by Hydraulic Institute, “If the pipeline is fairly flat and the inside surface of the pipe is very rough, or if the pipeline slopes downward, the fluid velocity may not be sufficient to keep the bubbles moving”. This can cause pockets of air to form at the high points and will begin to effect the liquid flow areas.

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